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my edits of Jay performing at Club Cube. he actually got off the stage and some fans were all over him like what was he even thinking lmao Jay, you crazy boy.

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edits in appreciation of Jay’s tatts with some bonus abs and skin lol

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Why I loved… was a guy I gave the biggest scare of his life. He was gonna leave me, so I had to make sure he was obligated to stay. What saddened him the most wasn’t the fact that I was pregnant, but that I ruined his chance to play pingpong in the Korean winter Olympic

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jay park after losing by three votes on immortal song, 121027.

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Okay so I didn’t really meet him meet him, but I saw him at Reign Supreme tonight. AND OMG SERIOUSLY I WANNA CRY IN A BALL RIGHT NOW. Now this is gonna be a long post about my day and the time I spent at the dance battle today so if you don’t like reading a lot then all you need to know is I saw Jay, but if you wanna read more and enjoy my interesting story click that read more link trust me read it, it’s gonna be interesting :)

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[ENG] 120917 Come to Play Ep 2 (Jay Park cut)

[ENG] 120917 Come to Play Ep 2 (Jay Park cut)

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Video Reply from JP through JAYEFFECT (


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[ENG] 12910 Come To Play (Jay Park cut) thanks to @jayparknetwork team

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“Sometimes I even put stuff on there (JAY PARK TV) that I know people are going to not like on purpose,” said Jay Park
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Rubbing his back on ice as punishment. 

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Jay knows what the fans want ;)

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“Some people think that I’m cocky; some people think that I’m humble… it all depends of what you’ve seen of me and how you think of me. Everyone has his own opinion. But for me, you know, I like to be confident… but I don’t like to be cocky. I like to stay humble, because… you have to stay humble in order to keep grounded, to live a real life. I don’t want to get caught up in my own world.” -Jay Park

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Zoom that-newbreed:

Wise words from Jay Park.  ಠ_ಠ


Wise words from Jay Park.  ಠ_ಠ

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